Learn all the skills you need to build and grow your business from a startup to a self sustaining profitable company. With an extremely high quality of specially chosen speakers on topics all startups and SME’s need help with.

Startup2SME is a community of startups and SME’s where you can come together and share your experiences with fellow company founders. Help each other out with knowledge and connections.

From pre startup to money generating SME. All the techniques you will need. The Startup2SME is a community of entrepreneurs, founders and business owners. We're here to support small businesses and startups here in the North West.

We help you to access connections, advice, and resources to grow and scale your business.

If you’re running a business and have big plans for it, need help getting to where you want to be or just want to meet more business people locally, then this group is for you.

What sort of events do we run?

• Expert panels and fireside chats with startup and small business leaders and other business experts

• Monthly expert panels with startup and business leaders

• Exclusive networking events with key players on the scene

• Practical workshops by successful entrepreneurs

• Q and A sessions with startup founders and business owners

• Pitch nights and startup competitions

This group is here to help you grow your business - if you have other ideas for an event you’d like us to hold then we’re all ears!


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Skype: Startup2SME

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